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Work out or Whack out!

I have officially turned into my mother. We all swear we won’t..but one day you say a little something or do something in just that way that makes you think “oh my gosh..I’m my mother!”

I always used to give my mom a hard time about being a health nut. It was so annoying when I was young..”Miranda..that has loads of sugar in it..don’t eat that” “Miranda, what are you eating..? Are those potato chips?” <look of disappointment>..only having whole grain, low fat, sugar-free everything in the house at all times. Plus side..I’m probably a healthier adult for it..and I love all fruits and vegetables..So thanks for that Mom! 🙂

Come to think of it..in retrospect..it was all only a good thing..but as a kid I hated it. Other kids got Ho-Ho’s, Star Crunches, and Fruit Roll Ups in their lunches..Why didn’t I?

Anyway..enough on the food front..I’m quite glad for it now..but in more ways than one I’ve become my mother. I’m now a workout-aholic. Like any other “work” I take up..as with my wonderful giver of life.

If I stop working out for a few days I get in a rut. I feel crappy, I act crappy,and I even start to look crappy (to myself!). Again, a lot worse things could have been passed on from mother to daughter, so I’ll count my blessings.

Thanks for the healthy habits Mom..they’ve went from annoying to an absolute “must” in my life! =)


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Project Guatemala

Mayan Village in Guatemala

God has plopped yet another amazing opportunity in the laps of my best friend, Kara Gebel, and I.

Really this project has come about solely because of Kara, but she has so graciously invited me to work on it with her. This project would involve moving to a  remote Mayan village in Guatemala and helping teach English, Spanish (as they speak mostly Mayan), helping set up tour guides, art classes, women’s groups, and sustainable gardening.

We are in the beginning stages of fundraising..getting a tax ID number, creating a business plan (..headache!..), creating fliers, and getting the word out about our cause.

These people need us to help bring a steady flow of tourism to their village. Not the spring breaker tourism..but eco-friendly, quality tourism that will not only help them show and preserve their culture, but also bring much needed revenue to help fund education, proper diets, and basic necessities such as purified water, electricity, and sturdy housing.

It is yet to said if I will go to join the project physically, as we all know life can take us to the opposite ends of the Earth, where we never thought possible in less than a few seconds. I am, however, fully committed to helping via internet with fundraising, writing plans, fliers, talking to investors, etc.

It’s an amazing project..Kara Gebel will be heading the project physically, emotionally, and spiritually..so everyone pray for her and the beautiful people we are about to help!

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Job Offer

Tuesday afternoon, while volunteering, I got a very kind job offer that will definitely sit on the table as one of my many options.

It never ceases to amaze me, how many doors can be open. I think living abroad and putting yourself out there tremendously increases those opportunities.

The job is as follows:

  • Work 3-4 days a week @ Camillian Home (where I volunteer each week)
  • Free lodgings and food
  • Work visa taken care of
  • (Possible) Small living allowance (** Remember, the coordinator who works 7 days a week, works for nothing!)
  • Work with incoming volunteers, event planning, full-time with children

As I’ve said, this is a very generous offer. One I’m most definitely not willing to overlook or forget. I’m made a firm decision to enjoy my time here and worry about what comes next, when “next” gets here.

To be continued…

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Listen up!

Today I attended church. I was able to leave Nadia at Sunday School, for the first time, and attend mass.

I just so happened to walk in at the time of the sermon. The power of good pastors never ceases to amaze me..the fluidity of speech, the powerful messages..there’s no doubt the Lord is flowing through them, directly to us!

Today’s sermon was about listening to what God is telling us. He gives us messages and answers our questions and pleas all the time..we just have to listen. I needed these words more than any one person can know, and what a “coincidence” to walk in just at that time…Just another way God was talking directly to me.

The pastor then read James 1-5:

If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.   But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.   That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord;  8 he is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does.

Yet another message from my dear Lord, telling me to LISTEN UP!

Finally, the pastor talked about why we give things up for Lent. I had just been thinking about how I haven’t given anything up the past couple of years, a few days before. He said “We give things up for Lent that distract us, in order to give us more time for prayer.”

Not only must we spend adequate time talking to Lord, we must also be able to receive the message He gives back to us..

I chose to give up Facebook, as it is a huge distraction in my current life. Hopefully now, I will have more time to talk to the Lord, and receive His numerous messages of love and continual blessings.

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I did that..!

Today was one of those “wow” moment days.

I realized, everything one tiny human being is learning, is coming from ME!

She says “duck”, “no”, “hello”, “done”, “blue”, “cat”, “diaper”

..I did that..

She eats all her food, sitting in her high chair

..I did that..

She walks holding only one finger..soon to be none

..I did that..

She can now wear socks and shoes without crying

..I did that..

She sits on her butt when I tell her to sit down on her chair

..I did that..

She doesn’t cry hysterically when someone leaves her alone for .5 seconds

..I did that..

She falls asleep without having to be walked around for an hour first

..I did that..

She eats solid foods and tries to use a spoon

..I did that..

She laughs at her own “jokes” and makes funny faces in the mirror

..Well..She did that..but I laugh, too!

My little ham!

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On the way to church this morning I heard on the radio that it was International Freedom of Religion Day.

When I got to church, they were passing out ribbons to pin on our shirts for International Freedom Day, which is to advocate freedom for all the people in slavery across the globe..be it child labor, sex slavery, child gangs, beggars, etc..

Then I heard it was International Good Samaritan Day. So this leaves me thinking two things:

1) March 13th is an important day in the world

2) At least one thing should be done today in the face of acceptance, freedom, and international unity.

What’s your good deed?

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Google it.

Google has gotten so big, it has become a verb.

How many times a day do you use Google? How many times a day does someone tell you, “I don’t know..Google it!” or you say, “I’m not sure, I’ll have to Google it.”

I’m one of you billions upon billions of people that uses Google almost everyday to find out something I don’t know.

Type in a question, its already been asked.

Look up a person, they’ve already been searched over a million times.

Search for a destination, millions before you have found it already.

It seems that every possible problem, question, idea, place, and person has already been plotted out for us on Google. Its like one giant encyclopedia that we can access at any hour of the day, from any country in the world, and its much easier to find the answer than sifting through dusty old books. Too easy in fact. How often do you get frustrated when your answer isn’t on the first page? (guilty!)

Anyways..I recently started having skin problems. Each time I scratch an itch or even just bump my skin, say on my ring or under my watch, brush past a door, or take a tiny blow from Nadia’s baby hands, my skin welts up and gets all red and itchy. I knew this wasn’t normal so I… GOOGLED IT!

The first answer was what I was looking for. I diagnosed myself with “Dermographia” or “Skin Writing”..apparently its not contagious or anything serious, but you can literally write on your skin and whatever it is you wrote, will appear. My skin is a bit itchier these days, but nothing unbearable. The welts that come along with any scratching are a bit unattractive and I have to plan plucking my eyebrows hours in advance before going out..but other than that, I’m still normal ol’ me!

I wrote "MIR" to demonstrate what happens to me when I scratch!

Now, thanks to Google, I can sleep a little easier and not think I have some contagious skin disease where my skin might fall off tomorrow! Thanks Google!

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