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         I can’t draw                 I can’t play an instrument                I can’t run fast

                                 I can’t paint                                   I can’t make jewelry

I can’t sing (well)                          I can’t design                                  I can’t act

but i CAN…

make you laugh, give you advice, listen to your joys, troubles, and sorrows, be your positive beacon of light, work with children, teach any skill I know, be patient, & care about something or someone unconditionally.

Talent is in the eye of the beholder..what’s your talent?!


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I’m the girl..

I’m the girl who lives day to day.

I’m the girl who doesn’t settle down.

I’m the girl who can’t make up her mind.

I’m the girl with her head up in the clouds.

I’m the girl that goes with the flow.

I’m the girl that knows there’s much more to know.

I’m the girl who hangs with the boys.

I’m the girl who laughs at everything.

I’m the girl who puts her dreams before anyone or anything.

I’m the girl that boys fall in love with & the girl that men are afraid of.

I’m the girl that wants to change the world.

I’m the girl that people say independence is made of.

I’m the girl they call Miranda..slowly changing from girl to woman..

Along the lighted path I go, becoming a woman this girl can be proud of.

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The Role of Nanny

Whenever I’m in a group of people I feel like I always end up talking about myself. I try to turn it to other people and sometimes there are other people out there that are doing interesting enough things in their own lives that I don’t have to talk about mine.

Apparently the role of nanny is not that common..although I know this is a huge job market..its more in the European area as opposed to Asia.

In Thailand everyone has nannies..Rich Thais, Middle class Thais, & Expats..The lower class obviously doesn’t but that’s because most of them usually work as nannies. You will typically find two types of nannies in Bangkok..Thai & Burmese.

When I tell people I’m a nanny they just kind of laugh and say “Well that’s opposite.” Foreigner working for a Thai family. The questions that follow are always the same: “Is the family nice?” “Do the children treat you well?” “Do you get time off to go out and be with friends?” “Do they pay you well?” (As discussing income is not socially taboo in Eastern culture.

My answer is of course “yes” to all..but through these questions and subsequent conversations, I have learned why people ask this. Apparently the role of nanny in Thailand is only slightly above a common street sweeper. They usually work long hours (as I do..but I don’t mind), have little to no freedom, are treated poorly by the children (more like the child’s servant than a nanny), and completely ignored by the parents who expect their children to be raised properly but given everything on a dime.

Let’s just say…Nadia has the rules, structure, and independence of Western style parenting..and she NEVER acts like most Thai children do in public.

I now know why Nadia’s grandma treated me like such garbage when I first arrived..but am glad that I stood my ground and made sure everyone here knows what MY role of nanny is.

*Note: There are families that treat their nannies well and are seemingly respected and “part of the family” but I’m generalizing..which maybe I shouldn’t..but the fact of the matter is..this is Thai culture for the most part.

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A long time ago, one of the previous Kings of Thailand decided that since April was the hottest month and Thais celebrate their new year in that month..then the Thai New Year should be celebrated with a water festival.

This started out as a ‘splashing’ of water, meant to wash away impurities and bring luck for the following year. What was once a calm, fun way of cooling off and ringing in the new year has been an all out raging water fight called SongKran festival.

Songkran lasts three days and most people in BKK go home to their own provinces for those days and no one works! Those who stay in BKK love Songkran not only for the fun water fights, but also because there is NO TRAFFIC!

Because I had to work, as usual, I got my first taste of Songkran on the first night, Wednesday. I went with Rin and her family to a big outdoor venue with a huge stage and good techno/house music. Everyone was running around with water guns and shooting random people walking by. There was also a foam party that was fun until it got in your eyes!

The second day, Thursday, I asked off work early so I could join in the festivities. I met up with a volunteer from Camillian Home and we went to Khao San Rd..which is a famous street for tourists/backpackers. It was packed with people all having a massive water fight..putting colored powders all over each other and drinking 3 for 1 beers. Needless to say it was an exciting night.

Before I went to Khao San I met up with Rin and her family again and went in a big moving truck (with no sides) and threw water on people all standing in the streets, doing the same to those who passed by in trucks. It was such a good time..and I got to see how Thais do it..as well as the infamous Khao San Rd. experience!

Its definitely an experience I’ll never forget..only in Thailand! ❤

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I didn’t realize just how long I’ve been away from blogging, and pretty much everything else I was doing regularly, until I opened WordPress and saw my last entry was March 27th!

How time flies when you’re doing nothing but working and going out. Recently I’ve been going out quite a bit..when I say ‘quite a bit’..that’s not the same ‘quite a bit’ I meant in earlier stages of my life..but maybe once or twice a week now..which is a LOT for me these days.

I have to admit..its been fun and I’ve met some great people..but I’m so unmotivated to do anything else. Even when I don’t go out, I still feel slow and completely useless in the terms of self-motivation.

I had a good talk with my Mom the other day that kind of made me snap out of it..but then SongKran (Thai New Year/Water Festival) came..and that has been keeping me pretty occupied later..

I better get on it tho..13 days til I’m off to Malaysia.. ❤

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