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Whoever said..

Whoever said you can’t go home again didn’t have a home like mine. I’ve been so blessed the past few weeks with being able to go home and visit family. Actually, I’m extremely blessed that Art and her husband chose to come to Chicago to have their twins, instead of LA like they did with Nadia. I can just hop on a train and be home in no time.

Every time I make the trip I wish I could stay more than one full day. I usually get in late Friday night and then leave early Sunday morning. On Saturday I always have to make the rounds and see friends, family, etc. I love seeing them, but I just wish I had a week at least so I could have some lazy, chill out time at mi casa. But this girl is definitely not complaining =)

Each time I visit home, especially the first time touching down from another country, my senses are overwhelmed. Seeing the rolling fields of corn and soybeans with various farms scattered about makes me feel so at ease. When I round the bend and catch of glimpse of my beautiful home for the first time I can’t help but have the biggest smile and rush inside before the car comes to a complete stop. Going into my room for the first time makes me feel more at home than anywhere else in the world. Sitting on my deck and looking at the beautiful sunset and following blanket of stars on the blackest sky puts my very soul at ease.

My parents..the food..the music..friends..nature..serenity..laughs..shear happiness and tranquility.

So to those who feel you can’t go home again..come to my home..the doors are always open and the positive, loving vibes forever flowing.



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Love alphabet..

I love…

  • Absolutely everything the cosmos have blessed upon me..Apples..and Alborosie
  • Burt’s bees pomegranate chapstick…Bubbles..Bob marley..
  • Catching up with old friends..Cultura profetica..Classic Cartoons
  •  Dancing to anything with a good beat…Drums…Didgeridoo..
  • Emiliana Torrini..Experiencing
  • Falafel & hummus..Floating in water
  • Gnomes, elves, and fairies
  • Horchata..Harry Potter..Hank Williams..
  • Itunes
  • Jingling, jangling ankle bracelets..Juice..Jalepenos!
  • Karma
  • Lust
  • Mountain ranges..Meditation..Music..Memories..MariJ
  • Neck kisses
  • Outdoor activities..Old people..
  • Psychedelic art
  • Quaker oats & berries
  • Rings..ethnic/tribal ones to be exact…Reggae..Rain
  • Sleeping under a Shady tree in the Summertime
  • Thrift store shopping..Tepoztlan..Thunder storms..
  • Underwear that make me smile..like my 4/20 ones.. =)
  • Virtue
  • Wide open spaces
  • Xtra spicy ramen noodles, Ximena Sarinana
  • Yoga
  • Zen minds

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Fairy Cottage

One day I’ll have a garden

to call my very own.

I’ll pick my fruits and veggies

on my land that I have sown.

I’ll smell my wild flower garden

and take naps in the shade.

I’ll dry my clothes out on the line

and drink cool lemonade.

I’ll have a brick oven

for baking delicious vegan delights

It will double as a fire place

for those brisk fall nights.

I’ll hear the stream trickling down the way

as I recount tales of yesteryear

while thanking Creation for yet  another day.

After many years of travel,

sights and memories..

My little fairy cottage will be home for You and me.

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Smelly days..

Some say smell is the fastest way to one’s memory.

I whole heartedly agree.

The smell of lilacs takes me back to a time where running barefoot through my Grandma’s yard was the only thing of importance.

The smell of a grill going makes me feel like I’m sitting in the back yard with my Dad, about to have a nice family dinner with the doors open and breeze flowin’.

The smell of freshly cut grass transports me to my old farm-house where I used to get lost for hours on end with Babysitter Club books, diary entries, and picnics with my dolls.

The smell of sun screen takes me back to Playa.

The smell of hot rain sets me right back in my little jungle house in Montezuma, CR.

The smell of gasoline will forever remind me of the numerous times I’ve spun fire.

The smell of Nag Champa Incense reminds me of living in a quaint little apartment with my best friend.

The smell of freshly made tortillas puts me back in my host mother’s kitchen in Culiacan, Mx.

My current deodorant makes me think of Langkawi..where I started using it! (not for the first time, obviously! 😛 )

The smell of campfires will forever remind me of my little house in Sherrad..and fall..and football games in High School.

The smell of snow or really cold air always brings me home.

The smell of cologne & cigarets always makes me think of Treye..I surprisingly miss that smell the most.

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