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Eat, Pray, Commercialize

In case you haven’t pieced it together, this entry is about visiting the place where the popular “Eat, Pray, Love” book was based on, and part of the movie was shot. The magical location being Ubud, Bali.

To get your general questions out of the way..Yes, Ketut Liar (ironic), pronouched Kah-toot Lee-Air, is still giving out readings and fortunes to those who come to his home..for a heafty price of course. and Yes, Wayan now has a thriving shop where she claims to be able to heal all of your ailments. I was offered to go both places but decided against it. Commercialized medicine men/women just doesn’t seem right.

I did, however, find another medicine man..known here as a Baliman..who is supposed to be the real deal. I’m not going to give his name for fear of the same thing happening..but..alas..it may have already occured. I called ahead before going to visit him, just to be curtious..as the source of my info said he’s open to all people all the time..and I was greeted by a tired voice stating he was closed at 5 pm. It was 4:45..I asked him if there was any way he could see me as I was leaving early the next morning for some heavy duty meditation in the mountains..and without a word, I was handed to a British woman who again told me he was closed at 5. Didn’t seem very much like a traditional healer to me, so I let the idea pass.

I did get a little taste of the real Ubud..as I met some rad locals who took me around on a motorbike. I got to see parts of Bali that I would have never seen otherwise. I even got a new tattoo from a brilliant local artist…for FREE! =)

Aside from having a slight argument with a scuzzy guesthouse owner..losing about $5 dollars in the deal..and in turn gaining a beautifully quiet room at an amazing guesthouse in the middle of a rice field..not too much happened in Ubud. I got swept away by local guys, a good novel..and amazing views.

I was constantly bombarded with tour packages..offers for massages and sarongs..and contiunaly enticed with food that was a little too expensive for my budget..but enticing nonetheless.

After so much commercialization, I picked my next destination far from touched by mass tourism…off to the moutain town of Penelokan..smack in the middle of Bali’s 2 active volcanoes and biggest fresh water lake.


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