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As I’m sitting here in the world’s most luxurious limbo, awaiting my Indian visa that I should have secured months ago..classic Miranda..I found myself watching “Eat, Pray, Love.” This book got me on to the idea that one needs to step out of his or her comfort zone in order to realize one’s faults, one’s weaknesses, one’s strengths, and just life lessons overall. I haven’t seen the movie since being in Bali, so it gave me a bit more of a connection to the movie.

After getting passed the semi-good acting and the fact that so much was missed that was critical to the anthesis of the story..I found myself asking, why is it I’m doing what it is I’m doing..?

Why am I traveling the world? Why I am facing nights of loneliness? Why am I spending hard earned money on sometimes scams or seemingly endless fees and penalties from governmental institutions? Why am I away from my family?

Better yet..what is it I’m searching for?

My only answer..is life. I’m searching for life..like-minded souls..experience…knowledge..conciousness..connectedness..

Why can’t I do this in my own country or at a level of stress that doesn’t reach  a point of being almost unbearable..? I don’t know..Home is comfort. Comfort is complacency. Complacency is easy.

Life should be hard..enjoyable..but challenging. If not, we’re just wandering souls..working, earning capital, doing nothing with it, and keeping our lives the exact same as it is every single day. Each day is a blessing..one filled with opportunity and life. Why do the same every day..?

And why feel guilty about having days of absolute lethargy..sometimes the body needs that…to do nothing..to just be. I think that’s what Bali was for me..the art of doing nothing.

Learn it, cultivate it..and then do something with it..if that at all makes sense. If it does..you’re one step ahead. If it doesn’t..well..get out of comfort zone and you’ll see what I mean.

Do nothing..Envelope everything..and the rest will take care of itself.

One love.


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30 hours on a bus from Koh Tao to Cambodia with a wisenhiemer was enough to make me want to keep going for another 30 hours..but alas, arriving in Sihanoukville was a bit exciting. Although it rained almost every day, I had the most fun I’ve had in a long time. My days were filled with playing cards, drinking beer, more happy sticks, and good people.

Jesse and I met another group of people from the UK and Australia. The two girls became my instant best friends and the guy was the biggest sweetheart I’ve ever met. Genuine good people.

Our nights and days ran in to each other..sometimes waking up just in time for happy hour. I found myself wondering, why haven’t I been in Cambodia before now..? Its SO unbelievably cheap..but you end up spending a lot because it is so cheap. I think I was there for 9 days..and all I remember is FUN!

One day we got to enjoy the beach..enjoy some tubes on the waves..but mostly we were indoors..hanging out..and enjoying each other’s company. My mom said “well Miranda, you could have been volunteering!” ..and yes, I could have been..but honestly..I learned a lot those few days and made connections with so many people that were meant to be in my life at that time..so I have no regrets..and I can’t wait to connect with more like-minded individuals in India..more from there my beloved followers! ❤ Namaste!

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Southern Thailand

Leaving Bali, I thought Southern Thailand was the next best option. One, I could save money as Thailand is meant to be very cheap by backpackers standards..and Two, the full moon party on Koh Phangan was only days away. So I bought my ticket and flew to Phuket. I spent the night there and then made the major trek to Koh Phangan.

Along the way I met two Americans and a South African at the ferry. We decided to start traveling together and stayed together throughout the full moon party.

Koh Phangan was Spring Break central on one side of the beach..but luckily my stoner friends and I were on the other side of the beach most days/nights enjoying happy shakes and happy sticks sold right at an amazing bar overlooking the entire island. The night of the party we did indulge in the spring break-ness of it all. I did fire like mad and ended up with some wicked blisters..My friend Jesse and I ended the day with massages, an amazingly refreshing meal and a swim in the sea.

Our American friends moved on and Jesse and I stayed in Koh Phangan for 2 more days. After, we headed to Koh Tao. Koh Tao is infamous for its diving. We were set on doing some diving, or at least some snorkeling.

We ended up doing neither. I don’t know what we did there for four days besides enjoy our hidden little reggae bar, eat more good food, and make fun of the spring break backpackers..apparently we’re more legit?

P.S. Anyone wearing neon shorts or tank tops that say FULL MOON PARTY is a definite spring break backpacker.

All in all..I just spent a lot of money, ate amazing food, enjoyed the scenery, watched some hilarious movies, and enjoyed the company of my new pal Jesse..who is quite possibly one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.

Next stop…Cambodia!

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