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~Lost in the East~

Westerns have talked for ages about the exotic, far off eastern lands. They’ve always captured our attention for their rich spices, vibrant colours, sacred traditions, ancient healing methods, and sheer wonder at how a world so beautiful and exotic can even exist.

For most, its nothing more than a though at the back of one’s mind..a culture or blip on the radar seen on the news or the latest holiday flick..For others, its a┬áholiday filled with trips to the doctor, annoying cabbies & merchants, and an endless array of dirty towns that looked nothing like the brochures or pictures on Google Images.

For the select few..the East becomes home.. a sense of spirituality lives here..the culture gets into your veins..no matter how annoying it can become at times. The people, again, no matter how annoying at times, melt into your hearts. The sights, the food, the language, the traditions..all seem to weave themselves into the fabric of the eastern traveler.

My last entry was 2 months ago, before I found myself smack in the middle of this beautiful world. First Nepal, a wonder beyond all wonders..where the traveling community is strong, beautiful, and bright..Then India..Oh, beautiful India.

Nothing gets to me more than the sheer variety here. Beautiful colored saris, lovely women, garbage piles, atrocious men, hospitality, smells, food, spices, temples, Goa, police, parties, politics, corruption, over population, beautiful children, homeless children, the richest of the rich..The varying degrees of everything here are covered..from one end of the spectrum to the next.

India is a whirlwind..Nepal the calmer version of such. My little house in middle America will forever be my place of Origin..but for now, the East is my home. It’s in my heart..my soul..and after 2 months, I will return and make my life here for however long the cosmos shall allow me.

Namaste beautiful people..Namaste~


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