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I’m back..

Both times I’ve come to this part of the world (India/Nepal) I get absolutely swept away. I never update my blog, I find it hard to keep in contact with people, and everything but my immediate world ceases to exist. I guess there is a very calm vibe about this place and a self-centeredness that goes with being a laid back traveler.

Almost 3 months have passed since I came to Nepal for the 2nd time. I’ve volunteered in an orphanage, met up with old friends, made new ones, attended a psy-trance festival, had a fire photo shoot with professional photographers, been in the newspaper numerous times, had a belly dance gig, enrolled in school, started learning Nepali, and got 2 jobs.

Phew..its been a crazy few months but I’ve finally decided to put down roots for a bit. I’ll be here until December (95%) for sure, October 100% sure. I’m going to try to keep up with my everyday life via blog again.


Enjoy ~


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