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Anyone who knows me knows I don’t have hate in my soul–So for someone to say that sparked something in me. “Hater” — What a harsh word for someone who sees themselves as an open, loving person. I spread love and light whenever possible–not that dreaded, ugly word: Hate. The world has enough of it, why would I ever add to it by even uttering the word?

My mom always said, as a kid, “You don’t hate anything! Don’t say Hate” — How right you were Mother..Thanks for the life lesson early on–I truly don’t hate anything. How powerful. I disagree with a lot, my emotions take over and I get angry more than I should, impatience is a weakness–but hate is not in my vocabulary.

Let me start again..I was called a “Hater” because I continually post things on social media sites stating my contempt for the way the United States, my motherland, affects other countries with its immoral hidden agendas for power, wealth, and sustainability (of themselves).

I don’t Hate America. I’m thankful for my passport and the easy access I have into other countries. I’m thankful for the lax attitude for women, so I can travel, be independent, and forge my own path without my ”society” thinking poorly of me–and the fact that I was raised in a society not to give a S*** about what other people think (if you’re happy and doing nothing destructive to others)–I’m thankful for my education, health care facilities, freedoms, and rights all provided by the US of A..so why then do I continually post things that would lead someone to call me a Hater..?

Well that’s simple. When I started traveling, I, like most Americans, was proud to be an American. I defended our land to the death when the topic came up–and mind you this was during the George W. Administration (Not easy to defend!) Slowly, years of programing that America is the best, America is the strongest, America is the caretaker of the world–melted away.

I saw the motives for helping poor indigenous people with roads, schools, and nutritional aid–So we could rape their fruit and other crops while paying them meager wages–They owed us though. And I saw why we helped throw out that dictator in the Middle East so all those poor innocents could be spared–and gain access to their oil field at a very low rate–They owed us after all. And I also saw why we send billions in aid to Africa–so people read about that and not the mineral/natural resources we’ve been enslaving people to take from the Earth at alarmingly harmful rates–I mean, we did give them a lot of aid, no?

So, do I Hate my country? No. They are actually quite clever–and even more so for making almost an entire nation buy into it. But I got out–and it is my job–as well as other Americans and other powerhouse country citizens–to put these truths out there. People have to know not WHAT is going on in the world..but WHY.

Don’t Hate- ADVOCATE!


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Ode to my Mother

My mother asked me to start writing again as it makes her happy–Who am I to say no to a woman who has given me life, love, comfort, advice, courage, and respect?

This is an ode to my mother–The strongest woman I know.

After a difficult pregnancy and being continually told she was having a boy, I came into the world a healthy baby girl on December 5th, 1989.

I changed her world.

I cried myself to sleep wrapped up in her green tattered robe, smelling of Oil of Olay and that comforting smell all Moms have, on the nights she worked late–resting easy only when she came in and tucked me in, said my prayers, and kissed my cheek.

She was my world.

We fought endlessly, struggled to get to school on time, went to softball games, cheerleading events, gymnastics meets, dance recitals, choir concerts, awards banquets, parent meetings..and did I mention fought endlessly?

She didn’t understand my world.

I grew wings, left home, and started my own life in foreign lands.

I turned her world upside down.

She called me that day to tell me the tragic news–I wanted to believe she was lying, tricking me, and I wanted to hate her for it even though I knew it was true. I came home to take care of her.

Our world collapsed–and together we rebuilt it.

She supported me as I again moved to foreign lands in search of dreams and more.

Her world brightened with mine.

She sings the song of beloved mother, friend, confidant. She’ll never know how sweet that tune is to my heart. Across oceans and continents, it warms my soul.

She is my world.

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The days have been passing faster and faster–I guess is what your parents mean when you’re a kid. Time used to stand still and now, before I know it, its Friday again–Back to Funky Buddha–then Saturday chores- Laundry, Cleaning, Groceries–then the work week starts all over again.

I’ve never been more appreciative of the 5-Day Western work week. Working 6 days a week is draining to say the least. I feel less productive actually. For those of you who don’t know, I work at a travel agency that specializes in treks throughout Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. I do online marketing and oversee the local advertising for this company. It’s a great job and I’m learning a lot in the ways of online marketing..and soon to learn more on Search Engine Optimization.

I find I’m becoming more Nepali, in the business sense anyways–in that I have my hand in a lot of different pots. It’s not uncommon to meet someone who owns a restaurant, a guesthouse, a fabric shop, and coffee plantation. People have so many different businesses here in completely different fields–but I guess its smart, so if one market goes down, you still have the others.

I’m not sure if this is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life, but I am gaining experience and learning valuable skills for my future. The only problem is–per usual–my travel bug is starting to kick in.

I’ve been in Nepal for 9 months now–the longest I’ve stayed anywhere, ever, is 10 months..and now I know why–at that time–I start wanting to get out and do my own thing. This job is great–but its even more great because I can do it online. I wish I could move solely to online work–and perhaps I will after my 2 month break in Goa.

I need freedom and space or I’m just not motivated–This gypsy has been locked into the 9-5–or more like the 9-7!! — and she’s about to burst. If it wasn’t for this trip to Goa, I might do something rash like previous times in my life–quit everything, pack my bag, and move on to the next–

But I must say–I do love having a house to go home to and a place where I can leave my things safely..I know I can make both lifestyles work–the Universe is constantly working in my favor–I just have to go with the flow and all will be right =)

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