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So here I am..in another country. Figuring everything out. Getting situated. Learning my surroundings. Dealing with daily hassles. Meeting new people. Experiencing new things.

It should feel different, but I think by this time I’ve become indifferent. Maybe its because I’ve been to Costa Rica before. Maybe its because traveling doesn’t phase me anymore. The unknown is now my normalcy.

I guess writing that makes me seem ungrateful. On the contrary. I think when it was all new and in my face I was a little less grateful because I was so preoccupied with experiencing all the newness.

Now, I can sit back and revel in the newness while appreciating it all the more. Its only my second day here…but I can’t help but feel completely in the groove of things.

The friends I had here before are arriving from other countries by the end of the month – I think that will make things a little more exciting..

I guess I’m just feeling a little… blah — I think that has to do with a certain someone in Mexico City. I’ve never felt this way before.. I’ve always jumped at the chance to have new experience by myself.. its always just been me and the open road…

That road seems a little pointless when I know there is someone I want to walk it with me. I can’t help but feel that this continually sounds whiney and unappreciative…so please don’t take me wrong.. I’m very happy to have this opportunity and experience.. I mean, how many people get to come to a beautiful place not once, but twice..? And with the amazing people I know here… ppff.. Life has been more than good to me..

I guess I need to stop being so sappy… but I miss him.. I don’t want to travel alone anymore… I want my partner.. my friend.. my love.. My Zyon…

All in due time… ❤


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