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Life is running wild. 

Volunteering. Working. Meeting friends. Visiting with family. End-of-the-Semester projects. Preparing for study abroad.

About now is the time I get stir crazy. I want to get up and go. Feel my feet rise from the ground, knowing the next time they touch down will be in a foreign land.

I don’t know why my soul works this way – I used to think it was habit. This was my comfort zone. This is what I knew.. but its so much more than that.

I think I’ve come to a point where I’ve stopped trying to understand it. 

Its the most overwhelming, all-consuming feeling…GO! … Just GO! 

My dreams are becoming more and more vivid of lands once visited. My heart is drifting and my feet are itching.

Its about that time.


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I often get into conversations with people about my travels. On one hand, I want to share my experiences and people are interested to hear about my life. On the other hand, I don’t want to seem like I’m bragging and I feel like people get annoyed if I go on too long.

Wanderlust invokes a lot of mixed feelings.

Today I’m feeling conflicted.

I love my home- my studies- my family- my friends- and my overall path in life right now….

But there is this part of me that refuses to silence. I don’t feel like it should be silenced…but it makes being content with life, difficult. Being content in the present moment is something I strive for at all times. Life is too short to feel otherwise.

For those of you who don’t have the bug– feel lucky. 

I want to establish my career, I want to build my future, I want to create a life for myself with meaningful work..

But there it is.. nagging me to put on a backpack and go. Explore new things, meet new people, have lazy days in hostels, make memories while in transit..For some reason going to class doesn’t make me feel like I’m doing anything with my life, even though I’m doing something very huge. 

Living at home has become the new adventurous challenge– Home has now become the great unknown — and I’m embracing that for now.


Its a bitch….. but its my bitch. So, I’ll tuck her away until the time comes when its time to go again…and then I will fly. 

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