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‘Hold on, I turned my oven on..I need to check and make sure my house isn’t blowin’ down..!’

‘Sorry, i dont want this to be a problem…I don’t mean to stop you, but I just have to go put it in..’

‘ohhh my gosh..that wasn’t the new one..sorry old drink..!’

‘you have doug brady hair..’ .. ‘what? drew brady..? tom brady? .. or doug the cartoon!’

‘i woulda just would have got um stuck in the muck..!’

‘the porter potties were soo wrecked..how did it get this bad..these people are animals..!’

‘it was the best light show ever..you just get zonked in!’ .. ‘honey it was probably the drugs’

‘you need a heat sensor so you can see my fart..hahah’

..ahh convos with good friends.. the best.. ❤



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I’m so used to going to movies months after they come out in foreign movie theaters..Tonight I ventured out in Chicago and went to the new Hangover 2..which is ironically set in Bangkok.. Some observations..

Movie tickets in the States are ridiculously expensive ($12.50)

It’s strange not having Thai or Spanish subtitles at the bottom of the screen

I felt a little relieved/disappointed that I didn’t get to watch 10 minutes of crazy Asian commercials before watching another 15 minutes of crazy Asian movie previews.

I missed the ridiculously loud booming tribute to the King.

The States only has 1 option for Popcorn..butter! Where’s the cheese and sweet flavored ones?!

Automatic ticket machines are handy when lines are a 20 minute wait.

The Hangover 2 is one of the best sequels I’ve ever seen..equally as good as the first!

I laughed almost as hard as when I’m in the company of good friends.

The sight of ladyboys and the reference to ping-pong shows oddly made me miss Thailand.

Every time the screen showed the city scape of Bangkok I wanted to turn to the people next to me and whisper..I live there..! =)

Allen is by far one of my favorite movie characters…EVER!

Anyone who is a devout Buddhist or over the age of 40 in Thailand should NOT see the Hangover 2..! Just a word to the wise!

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When I heard of people being vegan in the past I automatically assumed that was something so difficult and only for the extremely strong-minded hippie clan that grew their own vegetables, made their own bread and pasta, and sewed their own clothes.

Before traveling to Malaysia I had been thinking about how I was really put off by the idea of eggs. The thought of eating somethings..well..egg/potential offspring..really threw me for a loop. I had been doing less than well when it came to my pescatarianism (vegetarians who eat fish and seafood) while living in Thailand..but I felt like a change was coming.

Upon my arrival I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting up with a very good friend of mine from California, whom I met at the reggae festival I attended back in January. I knew she was vegetarian, and had done a raw food diet before starting her backpacking journey..but I had no idea she was vegan..which at that time could have been a foreign concept to me for all I knew about it.

Hanging out with her during my holiday, I avoided foods containing animal products such as eggs, milk, cheese, and fish sauce (common in Asia). I never really thought about it and then realized, “hey! I’m eating a vegan diet right now!” To my amazement, it was so easy!

Leaving Langkawi, I went straight to Chicago for work..and was once again surrounded by organic this and all-natural that..and there were Vegan options every where!

Since then, I’ve been completely vegan and loving it! I feel healthier, lighter (in spirit and weight), and full of energy. It’s really quite simple..but you soon realize just how many items contain animal products..after visiting the PETA website and doing some of my own research..I am now scarred by the commercial animal industry’s treatment of animals and hygiene..so I avoid those things at all costs..!

I’m a veg girl now..and you should be too! For yourself, for animals, and most of all for the environment! I encourage you to do your own research on these topics and make your own decision..I made mine, and I feel amazing! Happy Eating!

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Where do you begin when so much has happened..changed..and totally went in the opposite direction from the last time you blogged.. I guess that’s why I should keep up with my blog..

I was talking to a dear friend..asking ‘Why should I continue blogging..Its not as if anyone reads it..’ And she simply said, ‘You’d be surprised just how many people did..’ Along with another extremely personal conversation that I had with the same friend, that I wont go into..I realized I have been seriously slacking in all areas of my life..except for worrying and pitying..you guessed it.. ME! I don’t know what funk I’m in..or what phase this is..but I know its a learning one and I’ll get through it..and until that time..I’ll try my best to keep blogging and doing other things besides worrying about myself.

So to recap the past amazing month..

Had the best girl’s trip with my mom..ever!

Fell in love with Langkawi and everything it has to offer..

Decided to move to Langkawi to pursue fire dancing, writing, singing, and opening the second Planting Karma project via an orphanage!

Sang one of my own songs with a popular reggae band..!

Came to the United States with the family I work for..

Visited home for 2 shorts days

Attended an amazing charity event put on by Kara Gebel.

Belly danced, fire danced, and sang with my best friend.

Ordered $200 worth of new fire toys.

Got a raise, and put in my resignation for the end of September.

Phew..its been quite the month, I tell ya..! And I promise my blogging buddies..I will continue to blog and keep my few readers happy! Thanks for sticking with me in my funk! =)

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